Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee comprises:

Name Position
David Cotterell Non-Executive Chairman, Chairman of the Committee
Brian Wong Wye Pong Non-Executive Director
Du Kiat Wai Non-Executive Director

The Remuneration Committee is responsible for determining the Group’s policy on the remuneration of senior executives and specific remuneration packages for Executive Directors, including pension rights and compensation payments.

The Remuneration Committee met twice in the year under review attended by all committee members.

Remuneration policy

The objective of the remuneration policy is to attract, retain and motivate high calibre executives to deliver outstanding shareholder returns and at the same time maintain an appropriate compensation balance with the other employees of the Group.

Directors’ remuneration

The normal remuneration arrangement for Executive Directors consists of base salary and other benefits as determined by the Board. Each of the Executive Directors has a service agreement that can be terminated at any time after the first anniversary of admission onto AIM by either party giving to the other 6 months’ written notice. Compensation for loss of office is restricted to base salary and benefits only.

Details below are the remuneration packages for the Executive Directors:

  • Base salary
    annual review of the base salaries of the Executive Directors are conducted after taking into account that Executive Directors’ roles, responsibilities and contributions to the Group performance.
  • Benefits
    benefits include payments for provident funds that are mandatory and statutory pension payments as required by laws of the resident countries of the Executive Directors, health insurance and other benefits.

Non-Executive Directors

Remuneration of the Non-Executive Directors is currently solely in the form of director fees determined by the Board. Non-Executive Directors are not entitled to pensions, annual bonuses or employee benefits.

They are entitled to participate in share option arrangements relating to the Company’s shares but no such share option arrangement are in place at this time. Each of the Non-Executive Directors has a letter of appointment stating his annual fee and that the appointments are to continue unless terminated by the Company by giving 3 months’ written notice or by the Non-Executive Directors giving 6 months’ notice.

Directors are not involved in specific discussions on their own remuneration.

The interests of Directors (and their immediate family) over the ordinary shares of the Company are given in the Directors’ Report.