Company Information

RapidCloud International Plc provides enterprises with the building blocks to create a powerful and complete online presence. The Group is a One-Stop-Shop provider of Cloud Computing, web hosting, online business services and professional IT services to clients within Malaysia and Southeast Asia, through the three types of currently available Cloud Computing delivery models, namely Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

i. Provision of Cloud Computing Solutions

The Group offers three types of Cloud Computing delivery models, namely: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

SaaS solutions

Through its SaaS distribution model, the Group hosts software and makes this available to customers over a public or private network. The Group’s SaaS distribution model allows users to run existing off-the-shelf online applications via Cloud Computing.

The Group offers SaaS solutions for both web and mobile online applications, comprising:

Standard Solution
Customisable Solution
Integrated Solution
  • standard solution
    the Group has developed a number of proprietary products in its standard SaaS range for both web-based systems and mobile online applications. In addition to these, the Group also resells SaaS solutions provided by third party suppliers which can be as standalone products or integrated into its propriety solutions;
  • customisable solutions
    as part of its customisable SaaS range, the Group sells framework SaaS solutions that adapted to customers’ specific business needs; and
  • integrated solutions
    these are built on the Group’s in-house PaaS and IaaS solutions.

The Group also offers mobile SaaS and the Group enables its customers to provide SMEs message broadcasting services to their own clients/prospects without needing to build their own broadcasting application.

PaaS solutions

The Group provides PaaS for both web and mobile applications, covering standard, customisable and integrated solutions. For mobile PaaS the Group provides services for mobile messaging and enables customers’ to manage and customise their own mobile messaging solutions. The Group’s web PaaS for Cloud Computing solutions allows it to partner with platform partners, including telecommunication companies and payment gateway providers, to provide end-users with additional services. As well as this, the Group also utilises its own PaaS solutions as a platform for some of its SaaS products and services allowing the Group to offer these products to customers as a complete package.

The Group’s PaaS distribution model allows developers to build their own software applications by using templates provided by the Group. Customers are able to benefit from the Group’s PaaS distribution model by utilising the Group’s tools and infrastructure to create Cloud Computing applications which suit their specific needs, while being hosted by the Group.

IaaS solutions

The Group offers IaaS solutions for both shared and dedicated server environments, usually packaged along with supporting services to administer and manage these virtual services. The Group’s main IaaS solutions are:

Shared Server IaaS Solutions
Dedicated Server Solutions
  • shared server IaaS solutions
    these allow for flexibility and scalability for the increasing and decreasing use of server infrastructure through the sharing of server facilities with other customers; and
  • dedicated server solutions
    these allow for flexibility in increasing and decreasing server infrastructure. Resources are dedicated to a single customer, as opposed to sharing with other customers.

The Group’s IaaS distribution model includes services such as computing, network and storage.

The Group also provides managed services and consultancy services to companies that require assistance in designing, implementing and managing their virtual hardware. These include enabling customers to integrate the Group’s IaaS solutions with third party equipment and, in doing so, the Group is able to provide value-added services to the Group’s customers.

ii. Provision of business solutions as complementary value-added services

The Group’s business solutions segment consists of complementary value-added services and products to Cloud Computing related components. Under this division, the Group handles domain name registration services with the major international domain name extensions, as well as those covered under the Malaysia Network Information Centre Berhad. Customers that use the Group’s IaaS and/or SaaS products and services may therefore register their domain names through the Group. These SSL certificates allow customers to interact with their own customers within a secure website.

iii. Provision of professional Services as enhanced value-added services

As an enhanced value-added service, the Group offers on site technical support, technical audit and training services to its customers. Onsite technical support enables the Group’s clients to setup their own e-mail and internet connection in their office and overcome any technical difficulties in their own office network.

The Group’s technical audit services provides a report and assessment of its customers’ office network.

The Group also provides classroom-based web and software training for its customers enabling them to manage their own websites and make the most of the Group’s products.